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Dissolving Painful Beliefs & Feelings

All the belief systems we hold in our subconscious were passed on to us in a variety of ways. We take them on, and then decide things about ourselves. But this is not our True Nature; it is just mud, so to speak, that has been glommed on to us from generations: an unsavory and painful web of interconnecting, unnoticed, unacknowledged self-limiting beliefs. Some very common ones: I am never enough. I will never measure up. It is not OK to be free, fulfilled, and happy.

Simply identifying the endless false beliefs, and dredging up memories when we “took them on”, is healing in itself. When we identify painful beliefs and feelings, bringing them to the surface of our consciousness; we can then actively heal, clear and transmute them; and become free.

There are three basic Core Beliefs (with endless iterations) that occupy the subconscious mind of humanity, creating suffering and limitation in our life experience and sense of self. These are:

• Something is wrong with me.
• Something is wrong with him/her.
• Something is wrong with the world.

As we become aware of all the old self-limiting beliefs that cause pain, insecurity, anxiety, depression, and we learn to identify and clear, heal and transmute these old programs; we begin to realize our creative power to sculpt our life. The activities below can and will help you realize limiting beliefs and fears, have compassion for yourself and others, and ultimately realize your own and everyone’s magnificence!

A simple and effective way to clear old beliefs and programs is this: Every time you notice one and you notice this by feeling bad, insecure, hopeless, and so on you then say to yourself:
Am I ready and willing to dissolve, transmute and un-create these belief systems; and Everything holding them in place? Then, say Yes aloud.

Thank you! My I AM Presence now dissolves and transmutes these beliefs, and everything holding them in place: root, core, cause, effects, record and memory through All of my Being.

When we include the statement “Everything holding them in place”, this then clears from our entire soul’s journey every unresolved emotion, issue, and experience we ever had connected with this false belief.

Why isn’t everyone living the hero/ine’s journey? How do we go beyond the limits of what we believe is possible? What keeps people small is their fear. What do you want to risk? What are you ready to risk? What are you “done with”? How do you approve of yourself?

When people wake up to the fact that they are the hero of their own life, when they get tired of being the victim, they allow themselves to be the hero/ine of their own life. When we follow our bliss, natural things happen that we couldn’t have imagined. This is Oneness Demonstrating!!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us… We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God/Goddess that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
~ Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”.

Spider Web Exercise

On a large blank paper draw a Spider-web. What is your greatest fear?
Put your greatest fear in the center of the web and then fill in the whole spider web with any and all associations connected with this fear: everything that comes to your consciousness.

What are the related fears, the thoughts and feelings that are associated with this central fear?
As you contemplate your web as a whole, write down any underlying beliefs that feed this fear, as revealed in your web.

NOW – the next step is to realize the resolution of this fear – what word or phrase comes to your consciousness that is the opposite or the resolution of this fear – perhaps unconditional self-love – that is just a suggestion – it will be your own resonance to what is your true desire for your being. You will likely experience the resolution of this central fear as you go through the web and the recognition of beliefs underlying it.

Give this feeling/realization a word or phrase and put that in the center of a new spider web, and fill the web in with everything that comes to you connected with the solution, the word or phrase in the center of your new spider-web.

Someone who is bothering me, pushing my buttons, who I am judging.
List their positive and negative qualities.
Own all of these qualities – good and bad. In other words: speak I AM _______, for each of the good and bad qualities you see in them.
A light heart, and humor, helps us ‘own’ the negative qualities we see in others and to recognize that they are part of us as well!

5 Desires List.
What are my top 5 desires? Imagine them fulfilled. What does this feel like? Write at least 3 adjectives for each desire.
a. Then, what beliefs do I recognize that keep me from fully Living these desires? Write all of these down.
b. Ask yourself, “Will I commit to this (what I want)?” If so, then make that statement. I AM committed to ________.
c. Ask open-ended questions to the universe. “What would it be like if __________?”

I can’t.

I can’t ______________. Or do you not want to? It is fine to not want to, but it is more effective to realize that you do not want to and to communicate that! If instead, it is a feeling of I can’t, what are the underlying beliefs that make you feel you can’t? Also ask yourself, “Why shouldn’t I do it?” Ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” Ask your higher self to show you where you first picked up this belief that “I can’t”. Then Clear these.

Choosing empowering interpretations.

Reframe anything that is bothering you to realize that you have creator capabilities to shift whatever is not working and to choose again and then flow with those new attitudes and actions.

Tell yourself (out loud) of your magnificence. Out loud!

Begin with I AM Magnificent! Then, stream of consciousness, say everything that comes to you about how you are magnificent. Imagine everyone you want to be in your “audience” and speak out your magnificence to them and see and experience their joy that you are now aware of your magnificence. Do this again in another month and see how much more you may have to tell yourself and others about your magnificence.

“When we can own all of our light and dark characteristics, they will no longer rule us and we will be enormously empowered and more accepting of ourselves and others. Judgment is the most prevalent form of thinking and we do it automatically. We also have a deep program that insists that we have to be perfect. When we have accepted within ourselves all that we judge; we can be free. When we can be all that we are, all of the time, and not have to be perfect, we will be free. This could be called Radical Self Love. The more that we love ourselves, the more humble we are. The more we love ourselves, the more self-confident we are. Self-confidence is a by-product, if you will, of self-love. It is not egotistical, as we have been taught: it is knowing and trusting our self and it creates humility: being willing to learn from everyone and everything equally.”
~ Jewels Maloney

“It is no longer my mission to be perfect. My mission now is to be whole, to be complete, to be perfect and imperfect at the same time. My mission now is to listen to my inner wisdom and to live my life as fully as possible.

My commitment now is to love myself as much as is humanly possible, for I know that when I do I will in return be able to love you. Don’t be afraid if you don’t know what you want. Simply make a commitment to live up to your full potential.”
~ Debbie Ford, The Dark Side of the Light-Chasers, p. 163.

Reminders that Support Self-Love

Do not speak anything, any word, that you do not want to be in your reality. Or, to put it in positive terms: speak only those words that you want to be in your reality.

Words are creative. Words have power. And words show what you really believe and what you are choosing. So choose your words with care to create only what you truly want from your heart: for yourself, others, and for the world.

How we choose to perceive ourselves and the world is very important!

Observe and feel everything that you really want in your heart and claim within that: “This is what I have now.” When you tweak your brain that way, you actually start noticing all of the purpose, the passion, the beauty, the enthusiasm and excitement in your day Now; not something that you are waiting for until you believe that you are fully living your soul’s mission.

This wakes up the perception that you are actually living your soul’s mission right now, all the time. Yes, it is ever unfolding in to new ways of giving yourself in service: it does unfold and change, but you are doing that Now and when you switch to saying I AM living and accomplishing my soul’s purposes, then your reality, your experience of your life aligns to that belief that you have chosen and claimed. And you actually do start seeing it; that it is actually all around you already.

It is a form of resistance to say I am “trying” to get to my soul’s purposes and passions, or I’m not there yet. This kind of statement and belief then always leaves your desires out in the future. Instead, letting go of the resistance; that it may not be what you Think it should be, but that all that you are and do is actually expressing your soul’s purposes and passions. If you look at yourself and your life 10 years ago, you were also expressing your soul’s purposes and passions then. You are always expressing your soul’s purposes.

This is a perceptual shift.

We must “let ourselves off the hook”. We are so good at being hard on ourselves and having high expectations for ourselves, thinking that we need to be perfect, not trusting ourselves. This is how we have been conditioned, and what have been the “programs” or subconscious false beliefs and limitations that have driven our lives.

Now we can choose to let go, to be happy, to surrender ourselves to trusting ourselves and our higher selves and our I AM Presence coming through us, and to living that which we truly are.

We shift from thinking our life to actually living (and loving) our life. And we shift from thinking to knowing. Knowing is an intuitive process – we know it when we see it, when we hear it: we know it when we feel it. The truth is in our hearts, so we can always feel that we know it (the truth, our truth, our knowing).

It is a great service to humanity and the planet to fully own the truth of who we are.

“The greatest gift you can give Creator and creation is simply being yourself, and being yourself is more than enough.” It is our birthright and in fact, our mission to shine our light, our magnificence, fully. Some of us, maybe most of us, have been terrified to fully shine our magnificence and yet this is who we truly are. We are divine humans; we are Love in a human form, we are the “I AM Presence”: God/dess in Action, in us, living through us – and shining, expressing, and creating!
~ Jewels Maloney, Mary Magdalene: The Christos-Sophia Revelation.

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