Learn and integrate healthy lifestyle choices

Optimum Nutrition – 1.5 hours

Explore your dietary habits, lifestyle and goals. Work with a Nutritional Expert to clarify your tailored personal nutrition plan for optimal health and wellness. Develop self-awareness and set goals for you to feel and function best – learn healthy foods for optimum nutrition, where to shop, meal-preparation, etc. This session concludes with crafting a clear plan for your health, wellness, and lifestyle going forward. Give yourself the gift of Self-Love through optimum nutrition!

Ayurvedic Wellness – 1.5 hours

This ancient science of Self-Healing developed in India thousands of years ago offers vast insight into your own body composition and constitution. What better way to empower one’s Self-Love than learning practices you can take home and do on a daily basis for your own well-being. When we feel great we live great – we are happy, content, healthy, and more enjoyable to be around. Let this session guide you on your personal journey of self-growth and deepening Self-Love!

Cryotherapy – 1 hour

Optimize your health and wellness with this exhilarating sub-zero experience. Regular treatments improve mood, sleep, energy, recovery time, range of motion, skin complexion, and pain reduction. The cryo chamber, with elevated oxygen levels and -120 to -155 degree temps, will leave you feeling empowered and alive! Note – this session allots one full hour, actual cryo chamber time is 2.5 to 3.5 minutes max. Additional time for vibe and axis plates, compression devices, and exercise equipment as you feel inspired. Nourish your body with health-enhancing time and practices!


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

FREE Float Spa Session with any Self-Love Retreat of $2000 or more. Please mention when booking. Call 928-458-8593 today!