“This retreat was exactly what I needed to heal some deep emotional pain & trauma I’d been holding onto since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

Through my work with the various healers & experiences that I had in Sedona I now feel grounded, whole & at peace. The experience was cathartic for me & I know I will use the tools I gained on my retreat here at home & for years to come.

Having my itinerary prepared & organized for me made the entire experience easy & I appreciate Jana & Breanna’s communication & willingness to answer all my questions before & during the retreat. Everything was easy to find & the entire process was stress-free. During & after each session I remember thinking ‘this is the best one yet!’ But then, I’d attend the next one and think the same. They were all amazing & I wouldn’t change a thing! I’d recommend the experience to anyone I know in a heartbeat! Mahalo nui loa!”

“This was an amazing experience I’ll never forget. Thank you so, so much!!!♡”

“I absolutely feel an overall sense of self-love, including self-acceptance and increased awareness… I am leaving Sedona feeling light, determined and truly peaceful… I was able to purge the things that were weighing me down, and I feel “free-er” emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Thank you!”


“There are no words to truly describe the Shift I have felt in the few days I have spent here in Sedona. When I arrived my Soul felt felt broken & lost, it was searching for something more. What I came to realize was that something more was the lack of love I have felt for myself. As I sit on my last evening here, I am overflowing with love, joy & I truly feel I have an abundant amount of love flowing through me again. I am taking home with me a new love of journaling & expressing my gratitude to all of the beauty the universe has to offer. Breanna & Jana, thank you for opening up your home to me and crafting the perfect Self-Love Journey for me…. Much love ♡”


“AHHH! My retreat was exactly what my soul needed. I lost my parents and grandma in November. When I called and spoke with Breanna she knew exactly the sessions I would need! Having four days of ONLY ME Time ~ Needed much. My practitioners ~ especially “Bear” & Rhea were able to help me connect with my family and “Little Rhonda”. Little did I realize “Little Rhonda” was also feeling abandoned along with Adult Rhonda. The tools I have learned in the short 4 days have been embedded in my daily life. I can’t wait to have my next visit and continue my monthly sessions.”

“This experience exceeded all expectations. It has been incredibly life changing and healing. I went into the journey feeling lost, depressed, full of sadness, and without an excitement for life. I’m leaving with all of that completely reversed! I am filled with so much love and joy. I remember who I am. Every practitioner has been so amazing. I left feeling empowered after every single session. I love the order that my sessions were put in. I dug deep into the past difficulties the first day, the second day I was healed, and the third day I was reborn! I learned so many new self-care tools, and I can’t wait for all of them to become new habits. Self-care and self-love is exactly what I’ve been missing. Every single session was unique and helpful. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I am grateful for your retreat. It was absolutely perfect, and I’m sure I will be back whenever I need a pick me up. Thank you! Namaste ♡ Allie”
“To be perfectly honest I was nervous coming in to this and not really sure what I would find here. Every expectation was exceeded. I was really impressed with all the practitioners and Breanna does a great job creating the programs – without even much to go on (in my case at least). I have learnt a lot the past few days and am really looking forward to seeing how what I’ve learned is going to impact my life moving forward. Cannot thank you and all the amazing people I’ve met enough :)”
“Thank you for a wonderful experience!! The practitioners were all terrific.”
“I really did enjoy and learn from my retreat. I felt so much better when I left having new tools that continue to bring new awareness to me. I continue to feel like I’m expanding every day and it feels amazing!!… I’m thankful to you and all the practitioners for their insight & guidance.”

“Thank you very much Breanna! You took care of all the researching and guessing to find the absolute Best Practitioners. Allowing me to just show up stress-free and focus on healing. I have experienced a tremendous shift this week and feel fully prepared to go home with new tools to continue my spiritual growth. I received various messages this week I needed to hear and a lot of validation as well as learned so much about myself. I will be back! Namaste!”


“My time in Sedona was one of the most precious and valuable times in my 30 years. Everything from start to finish was perfect. My lodging was beautiful. My practitioners were out of this world incredible. I have never been at more peace in my life than when sitting on the side of a mountain with Bear. He was such a wealth of knowledge and truly so kind and caring – I told him I felt like he was my best friend in a past life. All of my practitioners were incredible, it just so happened I spent the most time with Bear. My only regret is not booking more time. While there is no magic pill for Self-Love I do feel like I benefited from this retreat 110%. I learned so many new tools and just feel a sense of vitality and motivation I haven’t felt in a long time. To me the most helpful thing was getting reassurance from everyone who worked with me. Spirituality is a whole new concept for me, but I can’t wait to dig deeper.”


“What a magnificent experience! I appreciate your ability to develop my retreat exactly to my developmental stage in conscious awareness!… I didn’t write too much about what I learned from each person because it’s personal & every person’s journey will be different! However, it is with LOVE in my heart that I make my way home. All of these people, Sedona, and the Self-Love retreat have opened my eyes to a new way of living. I feel that all of these wonderful persons vibrate and Sedona as well at a very high place and I am honored to have the chance to vibrate along side them. It’s with equal parts Beauty, Love, and courage that I begin my new journey. Love, Stephanie :)”


“I want to do it all over again. I never want to leave or stop living this spiritual fantasy. I learned so much about myself and how powerful I truly am. I feel more connected and whole than I ever have before. This has been a magical experience for me, truly. I learned so many self-care tools and so many ways to connect with my gifts. I believe the family constellations healing was most helpful… Everyone I met and worked with here and everything I experienced was helpful and impactful though. I truly don’t want to leave. I’m so grateful for this experience, for the men and women I worked with, and for Breanna for allowing me in her home and creating space for healing… I am so grateful for all of you. Thank you for allowing me in your energy and for helping me heal mine.”


“It’s hard to put into words how profound and life-changing my Sedona Self-Love Retreat was. Perhaps life/soul saving is more accurate. Breanna has amassed the best of the best practitioners in Sedona to guide you to truly love yourself, heal your heart & soul & to ensure you have ample self-love/care tools to be the best you. If one is feeling lost, self-doubt/hate or needs a jump start for the soul look no further. In just a 30 minute phone call 2 weeks before Breanna listens to your needs & quickly formulates a plan tailored just for you… I know my life will never be the same in the most positive & beautiful way. I can’t thank Breanna & all the highly skilled experts enough for making me feel safe, open to new experiences, loved & supported. I am now equipped to live my true, authentic life with ALL the tools to face anything it throws my way. THANK YOU!!!”

JULIE WISE, SEATTLE, WA - February 2021

“Thank you! This weekend has been life-changing. My “new teachers” were amazing and exceeded all expectation. This is truly a beautiful, magical experience. Likewise, staying in your home was a highlight. Thank you. I will be back again…”


“Absolutely a much needed addition to my life’s journey. Before coming to Sedona Self-Love Retreat, I was plagued with childhood trauma, family confusion, confusion of being at a crossroads with my spiritual beliefs, and how those beliefs are manifesting in the spiritually religious platform that I’ve been raised in to be spiritually correct “for me”. Coming to Sedona Self-Love Retreats I, with the help of some of very fine and spiritually gifted people, was able to cancel out any attack from entities and human agents, who hated my light. These attacks stemmed from ancient times, and God, Yeshua, and Holy Spirit has freed me. I leave empowered to prosper in the light and love that God has created me to be, and the confidence to dismiss those people, places, and things, that no longer serve my purpose. Thank you all at Self-Love Retreat, you all are a Godsend, and preservation for life.”


“I came here literally on a whim: ‘Why not get out this crazy city and see Arizona and heal at the same time?’ I think initially I just wanted healing for the grief of my mother’s passing and for childhood wounds. I did not expect some of the most honest, direct, efficient, and supportive human beings I have ever met. Each practitioner is not only talented at their profession, but they are very relatable, down-to-earth. I imagine walking into an office expecting to simply heal grief, when you later emerge more confident and sure of who you are and your purpose in life. Not everyone can survive in Sedona, but those who do can benefit vastly from the natural vortex energy present throughout the entire city. Sedona, Ariz is magical, simply put. The practitioners are not only aware of this, but they take advantage of this potent NATURAL resource to assist you in healing. It’s not going to be an easy journey at all, and depending on your reason for coming here you will revisit some hard times. But you will be supported every step of the way by healers with love and light in their hearts, and you will leave a different person. I have learned my own power in the light, who my angel guides and ancestral allies are, how to deepen my connection with the Divine, through meditation, and the importance of the silence nature provides for us all to heal within. Thank you.”

GARRETT HALL, NEW YORK, NY - December 2020

“Amazing retreat! I learned to let go of past family and love dynamics that were toxic and not letting me move forward. I learned to love myself and step into my personal inner light! Will definitely be back again!♡”

TONY ZOSH, JERSEY CITY, NJ - November 2020

“The retreat turned out to be more than I could have expected. You’ve assembled a great group of extremely gifted practitioners who all helped me understand my gifts and the love that lies within me. I found that four days of sessions really allowed me to process the insights I received and set intention for the path I’d like to follow as I begin to head home. Time spent with multiple practitioners also allowed me to identify recurring themes that resonated both with the patterns I wish to release myself from as well as the actions & ideas I would like to focus on more… Thank you to Breanna and Sedona Self-Love for being such an incredible hostess. I appreciate the time you took to get to know me and what I was looking for and to design a customized itinerary. The accommodations were also very comfortable and convenient. Thank you!”


“INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! If you are ready to meet yourself and your potential, I highly recommend you find time away from the cage and book a retreat. Man or woman, we all deserve love. Open your heart and these guides will show you your answers.”

JAKE DUENAS, SAN DIEGO, CA - November 2020

“Learning about my past, meeting my spirit-chi, resolving bad feelings about my father, letting myself get emotional – crying a lot… Breanna did a great job in scheduling who we saw and when. The progressive sessions worked well for me, and I liked all the healers…”

ERIC FISHER, FRISCO, CO - October 2020

“This was a much-needed retreat. I learned a lot about myself; the areas that still need to be healed. It was an invaluable experience that I will remember for years to come. The sessions were well-planned. The practitioners were awesome!! I really got a lot of time to just focus on me; my needs, and my wants. I have definitely found a deeper sense of love for myself. I have also learned some new self-care tools. The most helpful were inner child work, divine purpose, harmonizing chakras, restorative yoga. To be honest every session was helpful, and useful for me. I am grateful for this experience…”


“I would like to thank you for this incredible experience. I did not know what to expect coming here, and I was blown away by what I experienced…. definitely gave me the tools I need in order to expand my full potential. Realistically, I know there is no one magic pill to heal us overnight. I may need more exposure to this kind of experience in the future to fully heal and renew. I am grateful that I got the chance to meet with these incredible practitioners. I will definitely keep in touch with a few of them…”


“This retreat has helped me learn new tools for how to speak to myself, appreciate myself and love myself for the amazing person that I am. I am truly on a path to deeper self-love. I had no idea how self-destructive my thoughts were to my own health. Meditation is my new best friend. I plan to pursue it and perfect it. I can already feel the impact of starting my day this way. I was overwhelmed by my emotional response at many of the sessions…”


“Everything that was put in place for me to do here were all very helpful to learn who I truly am and how I can be in the world. Great time.”

“Rating is a 5 plus infinity. Yes, I absolutely feel a deeper self-love. Yes, I learned many new self-love tools. Most helpful, if I really had to choose… the Crystal Healing with Wade and the Medicine Wheel with Bear was my fav! This retreat has grounded me & made/helped me find the confidence which was deep within but needed to come out. As I think about going home I’m remembering to be gentle with myself and take Sedona with me. Updates coming soon, soooo much to process at the moment. Thank you soooo much Breanna & Team. I’m so grateful. Tears with a warm heart. ☮︎♡ 🙂 Lakita”
“I came to Sedona to heal fully and love myself because I was completely lost and hopeless. The piece of me that was missing was my spirituality and forgiveness. This blessing has changed my life. The practitioners treated me with so much love and compassion without judgment. They allowed me to dig deep and find myself and love myself. I was carrying so much baggage and constantly speaking negatively to myself. During my sessions, I was able to retrieve my soul, realize who I really am, get an inner child connection, release negative energy and dialogue, dissolve my self-critic, re-align my chakras, FORGIVE myself and others and just feel at peace and in love with I am and approve of myself and my journey. Each practitioner offered something different & were each wonderful with what they helped me accomplish… To be honest, everyone I met blew my mind and allowed me to accept myself…. I will never forget my life transformation here in Sedona and will continue my growth & Self-Love on my journey through the rest of this lifetime while sharing my love and knowledge with as many as I can. I am eternally grateful. Oh – I finally know how to meditate & I love it!”
“This experience has been nothing short of amazing. The love I felt from each practitioner was truly felt. The retreat being very individualized was exactly what I needed. I have learned a lot – there is a lot to process and understand what I have learned and experienced. The experience I had here is nothing I can truly explain, it feels sacred right now. When I digest it then maybe I can explain what has happened. I do feel a deeper Self-Love and forgiving myself. I have learned the tools I need to continue my transformation ongoing. Finding out who I truly am and what my path is ahead has given me the direction I need to move forward. Thank you to everyone involved with my process – it was truly amazing.”
“I loved the fact that every session was different & special. I connected on a deeper level with all of them, but some were more attuned than others. It truly was a life-changing experience. It’s been 2 weeks since I finished the retreat & it still feels like I’m on it because the lessons I learned about myself while here are now a permanent part of me. For that, I will always be grateful. I’m sure that there are many fine practitioners in Sedona, but this brings the best to you, not the other way around. Highly recommended, but only if you are prepared to do the work. Thank you again Breanna! So glad I did it & would recommend to anyone!”

“There is truly something profound and fulfilling about diving into the depths of ourselves, to acknowledge and see the love within that has been there all along. To forgive, release, and cleanse the soul. I am grateful a space was created… I feel a much deeper sense of self-love for me. What a gift it is to take time for one’s spirit to bathe in the pool of radical self-love. I have gained and renewed self-care tools that came to me organically through the journey and experience… Incredibly life-changing. What a life-changing jumpstart to a rewarding journey, a continuous journey of loving the self each day…”


“I was wildly surprised by how much I learned and gained on this trip and during my sessions. Also the landscape of Sedona has me in it’s grip. I love it here! The tools are great and I can’t wait to use them at home. What I loved the most was the variety of sessions and also that the Practitioners knew me almost better than I knew myself….Thank you for providing this experience.”


“I am very thankful that I took time for myself to take a Sedona Self-Love Retreat! I definitely have a deeper self-respect and self-love. Since the retreat I still have the practices and techniques from the retreat and incorporate it into my life and my life has drastically changed for the better! I look forward to more wonderful changes in my life. I still practice at least one self-care technique each day. I thank you Breanna and your Practitioners. I feel like I have friends in Sedona now. I love that the retreat is 100% customizable. I like how a schedule was laid out for me….this was an amazing experience. Thanks for everything. I definitely recommend to others!”


“This retreat has been a gift to myself that has been so life changing. I am so grateful to have this opportunity on my spiritual journey. Breanna customized my sessions so appropriate to my needs and each Practitioner was so gifted and helpful. She could not have selected better Practitioners for me! I feel I owe a debt of gratitude to each and everyone involved. Sedona is the perfect location with it’s healing vortex energy and breathtaking beauty! I am definitely leaving feeling renewed, transformed, and with a new perspective on my life. Thank you Breanna”


“Thank you for organizing such a well-crafted itinerary for me, in such a short time frame. From the minute I arrived in Sedona, I could feel it’s strong energy fields. The beauty of the red rocks in your backyard left me awe-struck. Your warm and welcoming energy and cozy home made me feel safe and supported during my overall retreat experience. All of the sessions fulfilled my needs and goals in different ways. This retreat also ignited my newfound soul connection with myself. Now I truly know what Self-Love means. And I’m grateful to take back with me all the self-care tools, crystal gifts and lessons learned from all my sessions. And I’m targeting to maintain my soul connection to blossom into the beautiful, strong, peaceful, independent and courageous soul I’m evolving into…”


“What an Amazing experience! I learned & experienced a lot about myself. Hopefully I will be able to remember all of the tools. I liked having a Practitioner a few times & to have a wrap-up session with her. I have connected with some Amazing people with their guidance I am starting a journey of Self-Love and being chosen.”

LESLIE ZION, KANAB, UT - December 2019

“Lots & lots of great things! Sedona is fabulous. The room worked great. The responsiveness of Breanna was amazing. She cares, put together a thoughtful package and really listened… I can’t say enough… Thank you!”


“I have found the actions, practices and learning from my Self-Love Retreat to be very beneficial to my return home life and structure. The retreat was worth every penny I spent. I have continual work ahead, yet feel much more confident in my choices, integrity and direction than ever before in my life. Breanna was so thorough in evaluating my needs, interests and concerns. She scheduled and aligned me to the most professional and wise practitioners that offered me the support I had been looking for in a retreat setting. After providing a very special and warming introduction to the retreat by Breanna (goodie bag, journal, and so much more included!) I immediately felt held and honored in the decision I had made to better myself. The value I received from my practitioners and Breanna will carry me far in my personal and life goals. The professional expertise, kindness and warmth I received from you all will be with me everyday forward. I am so grateful for you all in making this available to people like me who want to move past old grief and patterns that are not serving our higher selves. I am so proud of myself for embarking upon this triumphant journey for self love, care and empowerment. I will definitely be back for more!”


“Thank you Breanna for such a lovely stay. You are so welcoming & your home is beautiful. Nate & I felt right at home upon arrival. Then you add in the amazing Practitioners who provide us with so much wisdom & so many tools. I am forever grateful! I will recommend the Self-Love Retreat to my friends & family & will definitely return myself! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”


“I had an amazing stay. It was everything I was looking for and more. I do feel a deeper sense of Self-Love and acceptance! I plan on using the new Self-Care tools daily; especially the gratitude journal. Thank you for an amazing stay. I highly recommend.”


“Wow! What an amazing experience. First thing first the accommodations were awesome. I loved the privacy. The back yard area with the tables were perfect for reading and reflection… Breanna thank you so much for holding a safe space for souls like me. You are making the world a better place.”


“Beautifully laid out & just what I needed during this season of grief & transition. So blessed to have been able to partake in this incredible journey. I learned new tools to help myself & calm the daily chaos. Thank you!”

Sedona Healing Vortex Yoga

“Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to rejuvenate, reset & find my inner peace. I truly could not have come to a better place. The location is breathtaking & enchanting. I’m in love with Sedona. My room was super cozy, clean & quiet. Thank you for the gifts! I came to Sedona with much needed R & R. What I’m coming home with is that & so much more. I’m leaving with a heart filled with love for myself & all beings around me. These experiences during the week were life changing. It completely exceeded all of my expectations. All of the Practitioners I met added so much value to my life & I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to meet with them, talk to them & learn from them. Breanna, you did an amazing job at orchestrating these sessions in a perfect sequence. Thank you so much for everything!”


“Sedona Self-Love Retreats is exactly what I wanted & needed! I am very grateful for this life changing experience and for the amazing healers that were a part of my journey. I have learned so much in this short time… Thank you to everyone for your tremendous love & wisdom, I will never forget it. I am perfect just the way I am!”


“I can’t say enough good things about Self-Love, Breanna and the Practitioners. Each session was a unique experience diving into my inner-self. All the Practitioners are experts in different areas offering a different perspective, but the overall goal is to become more aware of the gifts we have to offer ourselves. Breanna’s retreat is well-organized and well thought out. Each Practitioner is amazing in their own right…I am so grateful for the opportunity I afforded myself and for this retreat…”


“I feel like the days were set up to make them flow well and complement one another. The practitioners really took the time to put their heart/efforts into the sessions. I did not feel like I was rushed and they really cared about helping, supporting and teaching me in this process. I liked the variety of multiple practitioners. I was unsure about staying at the house, but I gave it a shot. It helped me focus on what I was there for instead of being distracted by a TV or the business of a hotel. I was able to focus on my sessions/self-care. There was also a sense of security knowing someone (Breanna) was physically near. She was a call away if I had any questions. I appreciated her thoughtfulness & kindness during this big step towards loving & transforming myself. Thank you!”


“This retreat has been an amazing experience. It has been an honor to work with all the teachers and guides. They have very special gifts and have given me loving tools to continue my self-love care. My heart is alive. I feel I am vibrating at a higher frequency. I released a lot of layers of trauma… Every session complemented the others and were just what I needed.”

Healing Retreats in Sedona - Client Reviews

“This retreat stands out as one of the best I’ve experienced to date. From the first conversation with Breanna I could easily compare to others I had reviewed and spoken with as top shelf, high end at a price point that made sense. Each person was stellar in their field. Mix that with genuine, compassionate, patient and went a few minutes over time with all of them and never once felt rushed. Massage for example is something I’ve been fortunate enough to have had all over the world. 5 stars…one of the best! Each day built on the previous. I chose lodging at her amazing home with 2 private guest rooms minutes from most Sedona attractions that were immaculate on arrival. It’s located in a peaceful area and for me my favorite part was the incredibly comfortable bed. When Friday arrived I felt I had truly underpaid because the experience completely over delivered. It was challenging to pull away with Breanna waiving from the driveway but I brought home with me new tools, friends, and a place I will return to. Hats off and kudos to ALL!!!”


“I have learned and received so much in only 2 full days on this Self-Love journey. I came here feeling exhausted, depleted, and in physical pain, and today I feel my cup has been filled and my pain lessened. Breanna put an amazing schedule together for me. I was able to access parts of myself that I’ve never experienced. I have a new perspective on my life and how things are at home, and I feel more empowered mentally and emotionally. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned and experienced. This was one of the best gifts I could give myself in this time of my life. Thank you so many times over.”

Healing Retreats in Sedona - Client Reviews

“I love the team you chose for me. All seemed highly qualified, safe & very open to my intentions. Each welcomed me with open arms. I felt instant connection, safe & truly relaxed. Because of this I was able to open my heart & receive the gifts each was able to bring forth. With each meeting I felt a deeper connection with myself, deeper appreciation for my life & a greater heart/mind connection. The session you put together synchronized perfectly – all supported each one individually & coming together so beautifully at the end. I learned new spiritual tools… Thank you for this amazing gift & your service! I feel so blessed to have this experience.”

Womens Healing Retreats in Sedona - Client Testimonials

“I went through a VERY difficult divorce. I was in a dark place where I just wanted the pain the stop. Or permanently move away from my support system and disappear. A seed was planted by my therapist to see if there was a healing retreat in the place I enjoyed the most; Sedona. There was. Breanna’s expert knowledge and ability to craft a retreat that built upon itself was exceptional. Her warmth, care and support was welcoming and encouraging. For I did not know if this retreat would heal me as I needed to survive. The professionalism and care from every practitioner was amazing. I can say without hesitation that I am truly healed. The beauty and energy of Sedona is the perfect back drop and Sedona Self-Love Retreat literally saved my life. Thank you to every person who touched me so profoundly. I will return.

These tiles I call my Sedona Series. It embraces the colors and peace I have for the place and people who healed me. It has been almost 3 months since my time at Sedona Self-Love and there’s not a day I don’t think or use the practices I learned. I am forever grateful to all who touched me, helped me heal and live again.”


“My retreat was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Breanna is lovely, I connected with her right away. The space was just what I needed – peaceful, quiet and comfortable. Breanna is very knowledgeable and accommodating. My yoga hikes were incredible! I left my retreat with an overwhelming sense of happiness. Thank you for helping me re-connect with myself and open my heart up to possibility. I am forever grateful for my time spent in Sedona.”

Womens Healing Retreats in Sedona - Client Testimonials
Sedona Spiritual Retreats in Sedona - Client Reviews

“Breanna’s Self-Love Guest House was so peaceful and immaculate, which could have been the perfect getaway alone. But then having her knowledge in yoga and the best local hikes makes it all the better. Be prepared for perfect setting, great landscapes, and quiet & fun soul searching. I’m going back for sure!”

JIM RAWSON, PALM DESERT, CA - September 2018

“I am a frequent Sedona visitor, and whenever I stay at Breanna’s place, it is always clean and very comfortable to stay and to rejuvenate. It is located in a very convenient and quiet area, where all the major hiking trails and grocery stores are easily accessed. The place is also surrounded by tall trees, plants and it is very healing. Breanna interacts with guests with respect and a mindful manner. She replies to my questions very quickly when it occurs to me. It has been wonderful to have found her and to be welcomed to stay at her Zen-like sweet room.”

SONO RAY, VANCOUVER, BC - December 2017
Sedona Wellness Retreat - Client Testimonials

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Special – Free Float Spa Session with any 3-day or longer Self-Love Retreat of $1500 or more. Please mention when booking.