Great Self-Care


During stressful times practice the best self-care to regain peace and grounding. Review positive practices and reinvigorate your Spirit!

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Dissolving Painful Beliefs & Feelings


All the belief systems we hold in our subconscious were passed on to us in a variety of ways. We take them on, and then decide things about ourselves. Practice dissolving painful beliefs and feelings, as this is not our True Nature. It is an unsavory and painful web of interconnecting, unnoticed, unacknowledged self-limiting beliefs.

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3 Energy Self-Care Tools


Using energy as “medicine” is one of the oldest, safest, and most effective forms of healing. Knowing how to shift energy to support optimal health is hardwired into us. You may already use at least one of these three self-care tools.

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Abhyanga for Self-Care


Health benefits and increased self-esteem for you with 10 minutes each day! The purpose of Abhyanga is to dislodge toxins from the 7 layers of tissues, 14 major channels, and 14 ducts, thereby strengthening the immune system. On a subtle level, Abhyanga dislodges mental ama (toxins) such as repressed emotions.

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Butterfly Symbolism

Powerful Transformation:  Symbol of great change, more internal than in your environment.

Lightness of Being:  Time to strive for more joy and ecstasy!

Your Soul:  Perfect opportunity for retreat to deepen your soul connection.

Call for Support:  Eases and lightens the life transition process, especially personal change.

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