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Self-Love Practices

The following comprehensive list of Self-Love Practices are sure to inspire you toward implementing new tools you may learn on your Sedona Self-Love Retreat. We encourage you to add more practices when you feel motivated to expand your daily rituals. We are all different and we celebrate our differences, so only participate in the listed practices that feel best for you. Take what you like, and leave the rest!

1. Grant yourself permission to rest or take a nap
2. Journal: poetry, free-writing, drawing, painting, coloring, etc.
3. Create a gratitude list – List 5-10 items, more if you feel inspired
4. Create positive affirmations for yourself – These are your personal Self-Love Mantras
5. Write yourself a love letter
6. Visualize yourself in your safe and calm place
7. Practice Abhyanga – Nurture yourself physically and emotionally with this purifying self-massage routine, specified for your Dosha
8. Consciously forgive yourself and others
9. Breathwork – Controlled breathwork, or pranayama, can be used to calm the body and the mind. We suggest alternate nostril breathing, 4-7-8 breathing technique, humming bee breath, breath of fire, deep breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, box breathing, etc. Book a private Self-Love Yoga session to learn more…
10. Go on a walk or hike in nature
11. Gym exercise
12. Practice restorative or gentle yoga
13. Meditate for 3 minutes or more
14. Listen to yoga nidra meditations
15. Ho’oponopono meditation – “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” This meditation brings balance to the self and all your relationships. Ho’oponopono translates from Hawaiian as ‘to make right.’
16. Pray the rosary
17. Deep clean your refrigerator and fill it with fresh, organic foods
18. Prepare and cook a plant-based meal – Eating plant-based fosters spiritual wisdom and promotes peace on Earth – It is good for our bodies and the environment
19. Unplug from electronics
20. Seva – Volunteer in your community
21. Hydrate with water, electrolytes or herbal tea
22. Epsom salt bath with essential oils
23. Read an inspirational book
24. Purchase and care for a houseplant
25. Ask for help if you need it
26. Create a vision board
27. Listen to a TED talk or an uplifting podcast
28. Mirror work – Tell yourself you love yourself when you look at your reflection in the mirror, good to give yourself kudos and any positive messages – compliment yourself!
29. Clean, organize or de-clutter your personal space
30. Dance to your favorite songs
31. Let go of comparing yourself to others on social media – Celebrate your unique individuality
32. Learn a new skill or DIY craft
33. Light a fire or candle
34. Feel empowered to say “No” when you need to – Practice loving boundaries with others
35. Enjoy our Sound Vibrational Healing, Sound Serenity Massage, or a gong bath
36. Engage in a Self-Love Solo or Couple’s Astrology Reading – These sessions utilize your personal birth information such as birth date, time and location
37. Laughter…sense of humor – Smile at the world and it will smile back. Do not take yourself so seriously, laugh often!
38. Gift Oneself – Give yourself something special (big or small) within your means, reward yourself- you deserve it!
39. Enjoy a Chakra-Balancing Facial or Vibrant Vortex Facial with Sedona Self-Love Retreats!
40. Book a powerful Self-Love Crystal Healing session with us – This ceremony applies crystal gems and sound to remind you of the beauty that you are.

Author Melissa Osborne shares nourishing yoga sessions with grateful Self-Love Retreat clients. Her independently published book Cosmic Yoga for Children: Vedic Astrology Mantra and Flow is available for purchase on

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Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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