Sedona Wellness Retreat - Abhyanga Practice

Abhyanga for Self-Care

Health benefits and increased self-esteem for you with 10 minutes each day! The purpose of Abhyanga is to dislodge toxins from the 7 layers of tissues, 14 major channels, and 14 ducts, thereby strengthening the immune system. On a subtle level, Abhyanga dislodges mental ama (toxins) such as repressed emotions. Let us know if you have any Abhyanga questions.

1. Put about 1/4 cup of oil into airtight container. Upon awakening, fill large ceramic bowl or sink with hot water and place oil container into hot water 5-15 mins. (Note – OK to use room-temp oil if time is short.) Take suggested Dosha Test to select your oil. Oils are provided at the Self-Love Guest House, or if staying elsewhere you may purchase at Natural Grocers or Whole Foods.
2. Stand on a bath mat or lay down towel beneath you, to protect carpet/floor from oil.
3. Dry brush the body in the direction of your heart starting at the extremities. This stimulates the lymphatic system.
4. Sit or stand comfortably on dedicated bath mat or “oil towel”.
5. Pour small amount of oil into cupped hand, rub hands together, then transfer onto your body as follows:
6. Lovingly and patiently massage the oil into your entire body for about 5-10 minutes, starting with the head. Scalp treatment every day feels wonderful, and mild shampoo is all that is needed to remove excess oil from hair.
7. Proceed to the extremities and work toward the middle of your body – use long strokes on the limbs (long bones). Rub in a circular clockwise fashion over joints and marma points to stimulate and align your body’s energy.
8. Massage abdomen and chest in broad, clockwise, circular motions using lighter pressure.
9. Remember to massage your ears, palms of your hands, and soles of your feet. This will stimulate nerve endings to help balance energy pathways which lead to internal organs.
10. To control headaches, massage the webbing between your thumb and forefinger daily.
11. Put a couple drops of warm oil on the tip of your little finger or cotton ball and apply to the ear canal opening. Then do the same and apply to the inside of your nasal passage. (Omit this step if there is any acute or chronic ear/nasal discomfort or congestion.)
12. Wipe excess oil from the soles of your feet before moving off the mat or towel. Step into house slippers, use robe and proceed to guest bathroom.
13. Complete your Abhyanga with a warm-hot shower to sweat out toxins. You may want to finish the shower with a quick cold rinse to seal all your meridians and energy channels.

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