Sedona Wellness Retreat - Abhyanga Dosha Test

What is My Dosha? Take this Ayurvedic Wellness Quiz

Take this Ayurvedic wellness dosha test to discover your constitution. Check the choice(s) that best describe you – focusing on how you were in childhood, more so than now. You may choose more than one within each category – select all that apply. Have fun!

___ Thin, and usually have been; can be unusually tall or short
___ Thin as a child
___ Light bones or prominent joints
___ Have a hard time gaining weight
___ Small, active, dark eyes
___ Dry skin, chaps easily
___ Dark complexion, relative to the rest of your family, tan easily
___ Dark, rough, wirey, or kinky hair
___ Prefer warm climate, sunshine, moisture
___ Variable appetite, can get very hungry, but may find “your eyes were bigger than your stomach”
___ Bowel movements can be irregular, hard, dry, or constipated
___ Digestion sometimes good, sometimes not
___ Dislike routine
___ Creative thinker
___ Like to stay physically active
___ Medium, well proportioned frame
___ Medium build as a child
___ Medium bone structure
___ Can gain or lose weight relatively easily, if you put your mind to it
___ Penetrating light green, gray, or amber eyes
___ Oily skin and hair
___ Fair skin, sunburn easily relative to the rest of your family
___ Fine, light, oily hair; blond, red, or gray hair color
___ Prefer cool well-ventilated places
___ Irritable if you miss a meal or cannot eat when you are hungry
___ Easy and regular bowel movements, if anything, soft, oily, loose stools at least once to twice a day
___ Usually good digestion
___ Enjoy planning and like routine, especially if you create it
___ Good initiator and leader
___ Enjoy physical activities, especially competitive ones

___ Tend to be ample in build
___ Plump or a little chunky as a child
___ Heavy bone structure
___ Gain weight easily, have a hard time losing it
___ Large, attractive eyes with thick eyelashes
___ Thick skin, cool, well-lubricated
___ Tan slowly but usually evenly, skin stays cool longer than most
___ Thick, wavy hair, a little oily; dark or light
___ Any climate is fine, as long as it is not too humid
___ Like to eat, fine appetite, but you can skip meals without physical problems if have to (not that you like to)
___ Regular daily bowel movements – steady, thick, and heavy
___ Digestion fine, sometimes a little slow
___ Works well with routine
___ Good at keeping an organization or project running smoothly
___ Loves leisure activities most
___ You feel more mentally relaxed when you are exercising
___ Change your mind easily
___ Tend toward fear or anxiety under stress
___ Often dream, but rarely remember your dreams
___ Changeable moods and ideas
___ Like to snack and nibble
___ If ill, nervous disorders or sharp pain more likely
___ Light sleeper
___ You think that money is there to be spent
___ Sexual interest variable, fantasy life active
___ Brittle nails
___ Cold hands and feet, little perspiration
___ Thin, fast, variable pulse, hands cold
___ Variable thirst

___ Exercise helps keep emotions from going out of control
___ Have opinions and like to share them
___ Tend toward anger, frustration, or irritability under stress
___ Relatively easy to remember your dreams, often dream in color
___ Forceful about expressing your ideas and feelings
___ Like high protein foods, like chicken, fish, eggs, beans
___ If ill, fevers, rashes, inflammation more likely
___ Usually sleep well
___ You think that money best spent on special items or on purchases which will advance you
___ Ready sexual interest and drive
___ Flexible nails, but pretty strong
___ Good circulation, perspire frequently
___ Strong full pulse, hands warm
___ Usually thirsty
___ Exercise keeps your weight down more than diet alone
___ Change opinions and ideas slowly
___ Tend to avoid difficult situations
___ Generally only remember dreams if they are especially intense or significant
___ Steady, reliable, slow to change
___ Love fatty foods, bread, starch
___ If ill, excess fluid retention or mucus more likely
___ Sound, heavy sleeper
___ Money is easy to save for you
___ Steady sexual interest and desire
___ Strong thick nails
___ Moderate perspiration
___ Steady slow rhythmic pulse, hands cool
___ Rarely thirsty

Determining Your Ayurvedic Wellness Dosha(s):
Add up all your checks. The constitution with the most checks generally indicates your primary constitution (dosha). If you have marked two constitutions nearly equal, you may be a dual dosha: Vata-Pitta, Pitta-Kapha etc. Rarely, all three will be relatively even, in which a Tridoshic or Vata-Pitta-Kapha type results.

Totals: Vata ________ Pitta ________ Kapha ________
My Dosha: ____________________

Abhyanga Oils:
Please use the following oil based on your predominant Ayurvedic wellness dosha. Note – if you have a dual dosha, you may use either oil.

Vata – Sesame (warming)
Pitta – Coconut (cooling)
Kapha – Sunflower (neutral)

Enjoy Your Daily Self-Care Ayurvedic Wellness Abhyanga! Contact the Sedona Self-Love Team at 928-458-8593 for your free phone consultation and schedule your private Self-Love Journey.

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