Release and overcome emotional wounds or trauma

Healing Emotional Wounds 1.5 or 2 hours

Clear emotional trauma inhibiting you from experiencing the true beauty of the present. Release past wounds in order to be fully alive. Heal yourself from the inside out – uprooting and transforming false beliefs and negative self-talk. Sometimes trauma happens in childhood, as adults, or even past lives, which blocks full Self-Love here and now. Using advanced techniques, clear the mental chitta (brain clutter), listen to your heart, and heal your Spirit. Transform your internal dialogue, heal heart wounds, and attain the life you desire and deserve! Many Sedona healing retreats include this session.

Relationship Healing – 1.5 or 2 hours

Heal your relationship patterns from within – focusing on your part, as well as past karma playing out. Gain wisdom and insight, as well as a higher perspective to transcend negativity. This transformative session will help heal past wounds holding you back from present-day gifts, paving the way for a profoundly intimate and the healthiest relationship possible. You will gain clarity regarding your ideal partnership going forward. Forgiveness, mindfulness, and self-care are emphasized, as well as conscious relationship tools.

Self-Love Hypnosis – 1.5 or 2 hours

Experience a transformative healing session to create new neural pathways and alleviate myriad medical and psychological ailments. Hypnosis activates nerve connections in the brain and natural morphine-like endorphin release – a pleasant state of relaxation combined with focused concentration. Your Practitioner may offer a suggestion to be acted upon in your life. Heal unhealthy emotions or addictions, manage stress better, boost self-esteem, regain motivation and enthusiasm for life with powerful Self-Love hypnosis!

Deepening Self-Love: Finding Your Inner Peace – 1.5 or 2 hours

Be guided to a gentle awareness of the beauty that you are. Learn to overcome damaging self-doubt, transcend the ego to become your best Self and live in the light all the time. Let go old limiting stories, open up to new empowerment truths. Let this newfound wisdom strengthen your inner heart core, and empower you for the awesome life that Spirit intends for you. Find true love for yourself and realize no one can take that from you. Love is bountiful – available to you always! Most Sedona healing retreats include this session.

Awakened Partnership – 1.5 or 2 hours

Our primary intimate relationship often serves as one of our greatest teachers. Deep emotional connection, as well as openness and trust, can pave the way for us to explore our innermost selves, overcome deep-seated egoic tendencies, growing and expanding as a result. We need to feel safe and supported to do this. This spiritually-healing session appropriate for individuals and couples, offers language and tools to deepen intimacy and raise the vibration of your relationship. You will be guided to view your relationship as a spiritual learning ground for you to support one another on your Soul’s path, as well as open to the Divine flow and guidance for your relationship as a whole. Elevate your relationship to an Awakened Partnership – grow spiritually and deepen trust, intimacy & Love!

Cultivating a Grateful Heart – 1.5 hours

This healing retreats session is about focusing on gratitude as the cornerstone of a healthy, happy heart and life. It includes an introduction to the mindfulness process – being still with things exactly as they are. Life is a constant arising of events – some feel “good”, others not so “good”. Explore birth and death cycles in your own life. Learn to let go of your yearning for things to be a certain way, and instead generate a true calm, peace with things exactly as they are. Accept yourself and your life – the clear pathway to true Self-Love! Work with a Practitioner who will teach you to stay in an “attitude of gratitude” – heal your past and embrace the Now!

Soulful Self-Love through Art – 2 hours

This session encourages Self-Love through artistic expression. You will work with a local artist on your own creative project, allowing your Soul to shed light and guidance. This profoundly healing session facilitates connection with your inner-most self. Artistic expression comes from each of our Souls and helps bring to light what truly sets us each apart. See your beautiful artistic creation and let your Self-Love bloom! You will make your very own personal self-expression project in just two hours to take home and always remember your Self-Love journey, which only just begins in Sedona and will surely continue the rest of your life!

Healing Your Inner Child – 1.5 or 2 hours

Foremost on any Self-Love healing retreat journey is care and nourishment of your Inner Child. Sometimes painful, even traumatic, events took place as a child that cause deep wounds carried into adulthood. The patterns may continue, or get more entrenched, over your life. The word “scar” comes from the Sanskrit term “Samskara”, meaning a deep wound which causes a pattern. If your heart is calling and you feel drawn to this session, your Soul is ready to heal now. Your highly-trained Practitioner will facilitate a process to unravel and uproot these deep, old inner child karmic scars.

Family Constellations Healing – 1.5 or 2 hours

Relationship issues, chronic illness, and persistent life patterns can have deep roots in family and ancestral events and trauma. Go on an intimate and revealing journey to enlighten hidden dynamics to heal yourself and your family Soul. Practitioner may use props or guided imagery to identify and “role-play” in this transformational process. Forgiveness, mindfulness, and self-care are emphasized, as well as conscious relationship tools.

Sacral Empowerment: Healing Shame & Blame 1.5 or 2 hours

Emotional wounds, particularly around love and relationships, may result in sexual repression, shame, or blockages. These may impact future relationships and sometimes even one’s health. This session deals with the emotional wounds around sexuality, so crucial to optimal health and life fulfillment. The sacral, second chakra, is our pleasure center – it must be healthy for us to feel happy and passionate about life. A crucial component of Self-Love is forgiveness of oneself and others, which can be more challenging in cases of abuse or betrayal. Whether you have trauma or not around sexuality, this healing retreats session will give you a new perspective, awareness, and empowerment around your sexuality and relationships.

Grace through Grief – 1.5 or 2 hours

Losing a loved one can be one of life’s hardest transitions. Often with a busy lifestyle or competing responsibilities, there may not be adequate space for heartache. This session allows for deep mourning – truly being heard at a heart level, and providing tools to continue honoring yourself. Move through your grief process with grace, feeling complete with your past, and opening up to love in the present!


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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