Welcome and thank you for your interest in Sedona Self-Love Retreats!

We have created the following sample individual Sedona Day Package itinerary for review, which may be scheduled whatever dates work best for you. All packages are completely customizable and will include one-on-one sessions with a hand-picked team of truly gifted Practitioners. Self-Love Guest House accommodations may also be included, please just request when booking. Plant-powered breakfast and lunch wellness add-on may also be included with any guest house reservation.

This itinerary has been designed to be synergistic, with each new experience building upon the foundation of those that came before. This package has proven to be popular with men and women alike, and it may be further customized depending upon your exact situation. Check the full session menu to modify this package. Please let us know if you would like to add, remove, or substitute any sessions from this proposed day package.

If you are nervous, there is no need to worry! Your Sedona Day Package will surely facilitate your deep journey of self-awareness, spiritual growth and healing. The combination of powerful modalities will inspire and transform. By purchasing, you agree to allow us to share some of your personal information with the Practitioners who will be working with you. Professional ethics require them to keep all such information confidential.

Please contact us for customization options, pricing, as well as information about the Self-Love Guest House lodging. We look forward to serving as your Sedona Self-Love Guides!


Sessions take place at private Practitioner home and office locations, or out on the red rocks of Sedona. Session order may vary depending upon Practitioner and space availability. Please let us know if you will not have a vehicle as you may need to arrange transportation for some sessions.

Deepening Self-Love: Healing & Wellness

Call or Email for Self-Love Guest House Lodging (minimum 2-night stay)

Day Package

Soulful Inner Journey – 1.5 hours
Connect more deeply with your Soul through a deep Inner Journey. Your Practitioner will guide you during this meditative session, enabling you to gain deep peace here and now. From this still place you may gain utmost clarity, wisdom, and strength. The deepest Self-Love is when we feel the Divine presence within ourselves. Release stress, focus, and feel at peace within your own Soul.

Deepening Self-Love: Finding Your Inner Peace – 1.5 hours
Be guided to a gentle awareness of the beauty that you are. Learn to overcome damaging self-doubt, transcend the ego to become your best self and live in the light all the time. Let go old limiting stories, open up to new empowerment truths. Let this newfound wisdom strengthen your inner heart core, and empower you for the awesome life that Spirit intends for you. Find true love for yourself and realize no one can take that from you. Love is bountiful – available to you always!

Medicine Wheel Empowerment – 2 hours (Outside)
Experience sacred ceremony in the majesty of Sedona’s red rocks. Learn ancient teachings to embrace and honor Great Spirit, Mother Earth, the Spirits of the Four Directions and your own Heart Path. Gain empowerment through gratitude, release, and rejuvenation at a magnificent Medicine Wheel in the vortex. This session helps bring clarity – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Self-Love Aromatherapy Massage 1.5 hours
This most-nourishing massage focuses on areas of concern in your body. Various techniques are used specifically designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. The main purpose is to increase oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. This session includes healing Aromatherapy – please let Practitioner know if you have any allergies or preferred oils.

Depart Sedona

You now realize and embrace that you are perfect just as you are! You will depart Sedona feeling at peace where you are now, where you have been, and looking forward to where you are headed. You have newfound confidence and self-acceptance – true Self-Love, and tools to take home with you. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve as your Self-Love Guides!

Additional Session Options:

Harmonizing Your Chakras
Meditation: Divine Soul Connection
Restorative or Chakra-Balancing Yoga
Red Rock Vortex Yoga
Soulful Self-Love through Art
Healing Your Inner Child
Relationship Healing
Cultivating a Grateful Heart
Grace through Grief
Soul Reading
Past Life Journey
Self-Love Hypnosis
Astrology Reading
Sound Vibrational Healing
Vortex Soul Journey
Optimum Nutrition
Awakened Partnership
Illuminating Your Gifts
Enchanted Earth Walk
Self-Love Crystal Healing

Reservation & Cancellation Policy

All private retreats require a 50% deposit upon booking and the remaining 50% balance processed when you arrive. Day packages are paid in full upon booking. This is your guarantee that your chosen sessions will be scheduled and reserved. Note – there is limited retreat space and each has a customized design. Self-Love Guest House and Sister lodging is paid in full upon booking and is non-refundable, though may qualify for a one-year credit. Additional $250 expediting fee when less than 1-week advance booking. Due to Practitioners holding space in their calendar for your retreat sessions, please note the following: Cancellations more than 30 days in advance will receive a credit for the deposit to be used within one year. Cancellations 7-30 days ahead, will incur a $150 cancellation fee, the remaining deposit will become a credit to be used within one year. Cancellations less than 7 days in advance, no credit will be issued. Once your retreat or day package has been scheduled, any requested session or date change is subject to Practitioner availability, and will incur a $100 rescheduling fee per session. If you are unable to attend or finish a session (including add-ons) for any reason, there is no prorated refund.

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Special – Free Float Spa Session with any 3-day or longer Self-Love Retreat of $1500 or more. Please mention when booking.