Sedona Self-Love Retreats

“Only when we have become non-violent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves.” – Cesar Chavez

Sedona Self-Love Retreats are suitable for individuals, couples, family, and friends – generally 3-5 days and often include private accommodations at our Self-Love Guest House, conveniently-located in the heart of West Sedona. All retreats are private, so every session is one-on-one – perfectly tailored, uniquely customized for each participant based upon client issues and goals. Clients may also book the retreat without lodging, if outside accommodations are preferred, and when the Self-Love Guest House or Sister property are unavailable. Private retreat dates are determined by each client, so you may schedule whatever dates work best for you (with at least 10 days advance notice) – sessions are offered Monday through Saturday year-round (no Sundays and certain holidays). Most retreats include three to four sessions each day, typical schedule is 10am until 5pm, with free time for lunch. Clients are responsible for their own meals and transportation, though we are happy to provide assistance and suggestions. Plant-based wellness add-on meals may also be included when staying at our guest house. Package prices vary depending upon the exact itinerary – usually $750-950/day for individuals and $950-1350/day for two people. You are welcome to schedule your private Sedona Retreat exactly as shown on the sample itineraries, or customized further based upon your situation and heart wishes. Sessions take place at the Self-Love Retreat office, Practitioner locations, and the beautiful land of Sedona.

Private Sedona Retreats are uniquely-designed to facilitate a profound internal healing shift for participants within just a few days. Your Sedona Retreat process continues to unfold long after your time in Sedona, with ongoing support available upon request. Each client receives tools to improve their lives and make healthier, more heart-based choices – continuing to manifest healing, growth, and positive evolution. The over-arching goal is to elevate Earth consciousness through deep internal transformation for every private Sedona Retreat client. Gaining more Self-awareness, as well as opening heart and mind to new concepts, such as plant-based cruelty-free healthy living, encourage harmony with all living beings, respect for ourselves and the planet. It is limitless – we are each empowered to change and improve ourselves, and this energetic shift then permeates… Sedona Self-Love Retreats help clients gain Self-mastery, put the past behind, attain spiritual presence, and realize one’s highest potential. Each and every client will be able to love themselves deeper than ever, empower themselves to share their inherent gifts, and transmute this newfound energy and wisdom to heal the planet. We care about humans, as well the earth, the environment, and animals. Self-Love is respecting and loving all beings, human and animal alike. Animals deserve our love and support, especially because they cannot “speak” for themselves – as we love ourselves, our love naturally extends to others. Sedona Self-Love Retreats donates a percentage of all proceeds to local education, health and wellness organizations.

Sedona Self-Love Retreats produce phenomenal results for participants in just a short time. The highly-gifted, most-talented Practitioner team are some of Sedona’s finest, sought-after from clients worldwide. With comfortable inclusive lodging, Self-Love Retreats create a safe cocoon for clients to relax, heal, and spiritually transform. Review client testimonials and join us for your own Sedona Self-Love Retreat!

Our Mission

Sedona Self-Love Retreats specialize in holistic healing, wellness, and spiritual development. Mind, body, and Spirit inter-connection is emphasized and encouraged throughout all sessions. The healing treatments and modalities foster each client’s innate healing ability and connection with oneself for spiritual insight and enlightenment, as well as transmuting negative thoughts, energy, and emotions. Clients are offered tools to self-soothe such as meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, mantra, prayer, ceremony, and ritual. These retreats are complementary to mainstream treatment modalities, such as traditional psychotherapy and western medicine. The natural approach is highly effective and involves client participation and commitment – not the “quick-fix” or “band-aid” of surgery and drugs. The goal is for clients to feel enlivened and more Self-aware from their Self-Love Retreat, also given tools to continue their evolution, and the invitation to maintain Practitioner connections to guide them in their spiritual healing process. The over-arching goal is to elevate Earth consciousness through deep internal transformation for every Self-Love Retreat client.

“I think I feel Self-Love for the first time. I loved and needed everything I experienced. The sequence was perfect timing for me. Breanna, I want to thank you for my journey. It is such a great feeling to have a light and warm heart. Ready to be present! You literally saved my life.”
“This retreat stands out as one of the best I’ve experienced to date. From the first conversation with Breanna I could easily compare to others I had reviewed and spoken with as top shelf, high end at a price point that made sense. Each person was stellar in their field. When Friday arrived I felt I had truly underpaid because the experience completely over delivered. Hats off and kudos to ALL!!!”
“I have learned and received so much in only two full days on this Self-Love journey. I came here feeling exhausted, depleted, and in physical pain, and today I feel my cup has been filled and my pain lessened. Breanna put an amazing schedule together for me. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned and experienced. This was one of the best gifts I could give myself in this time of my life. Thank you so many times over.”
“My retreat was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Breanna is lovely, I connected with her right away. The space was just what I needed – peaceful, quiet and comfortable. Breanna is very knowledgeable and accommodating. My yoga hikes were incredible! I left my retreat with an overwhelming sense of happiness. Thank you for helping me re-connect with myself and open my heart up to possibility. I am forever grateful for my time spent in Sedona.”
“Thank you Breanna for such a lovely stay. You are so welcoming & your home is beautiful. Nate & I felt right at home upon arrival. Then you add in the amazing Practitioners who provide us with so much wisdom & so many tools. I am forever grateful! I will recommend the Self-Love Retreat to my friends & family & will definitely return myself! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

FREE Float Spa Session with any Self-Love Retreat of $2000 or more. Please mention when booking. Call 928-458-8593 today!