Blessings on Your Self-Love Journey!

Sedona Self-Love Retreats is grateful to serve as your Self-Love Guides. Trust you are in excellent hands! Join us for 100% one-on-one sessions with your hand-picked team of truly gifted Practitioners. Our utmost goal is facilitating powerful self-awareness, spiritual expansion, and healing. Your unique retreat includes synergistic modalities and transformational momentum, with each session contributing to your exponential growth. We look forward to co-creating your perfect Self-Love experience! Please let us know if you would like to add, remove, or substitute any sessions within your proposed itinerary. Check the full session menu to create your virtual session package.

We welcome you to share from your heart! Your confidential information will be used to customize your Self-Love Virtual Sessions. Once your reservation is confirmed, pertinent details will be relayed to your Self-Love Practitioner team, for optimum session preparation and your highest good. We honor and maintain your total confidence. Contact for pricing, and to schedule your phone consultation.


Your sessions will be conducted remotely via skype, zoom, or phone from the comfort of your own home. Session order may vary depending upon Practitioner and space availability. In unlikely instance we are unable to schedule any session, we will consult with you to find an alternative, or adjust your balance accordingly. Your final itinerary with exact session dates and times will be presented before you start.

Deepening Self-Love: Spiritual Healing

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Virtual Self-Love Retreat Sessions

Healing Emotional Wounds – 1.5 hours
Clear emotional trauma inhibiting you from experiencing the true beauty of the present. Release past wounds in order to be fully alive. Heal yourself from the inside out – uprooting and transforming false beliefs and negative self-talk. Sometimes trauma happens in childhood, as adults, or even past lives, which blocks full Self-love here and now. Using advanced techniques, clear the mental chitta (brain clutter), listen to your heart, and heal your Spirit. Transform your internal dialogue, heal heart wounds, and attain the life you desire and deserve!

Healing Your Inner Child – 1.5 hours
Foremost on any Self-Love Journey is care and nourishment of your inner child. Sometimes painful, even traumatic, events took place as a child that cause deep wounds carried into adulthood. The patterns may continue, or get more entrenched, over your life. The word “scar” comes from the Sanskrit term “Samskara”, meaning a deep wound which causes a pattern. If your heart is calling and you feel drawn to this session, your Soul is ready to heal now. Your highly-trained Practitioner will facilitate a process to unravel and uproot these deep, old inner child karmic scars.

Divine Life Purpose – 1.5 hours
The Sanskrit word Svadharma means one’s own purpose or Divine life mission. According to Vedic teachings, better to do one’s own purpose poorly than another person’s well. Listening to our inner guidance leads us to living our purpose, hopefully with passion and bliss! Sometimes we “lose our way” or get off our Divine life path, which can manifest as dissatisfaction with life, or an inner Soul nudge something else is being asked of us. Find alignment with your Divine life mission – perhaps for the first time ever!

Soulful Inner Journey 1.5 hours
Strengthen the spiritual connection with your Soul, or higher self, as you journey inward. Your Practitioner will guide you during this meditative session into the etheric realm. Relaxing into the subconscious one can attain a higher state of consciousness. The result may be a sense of inner knowing, peace and bliss, or expansive awakening. Trust you will get what you need, and are ready for, from this spiritually healing session!

Deepening Self-Love: Finding Your Inner Peace – 1.5 hours
Be guided to a gentle awareness of the beauty that you are. Learn to overcome damaging self-doubt, transcend the ego to become your best self and live in the light all the time. Let go old limiting stories, open up to new empowerment truths. Let this newfound wisdom strengthen your inner heart core, and empower you for the awesome life that Spirit intends for you. Find true love for yourself and realize no one can take that from you. Love is bountiful – available to you always!

Soul Reading – 1 hour or 1.5 hours
With the help of an Intuitive, this session facilitates a deeper attunement to your energy field, providing guidance on your past, present and future. You will be empowered to make better life choices and decisions with this newfound knowledge. Your Practitioner may tap into the Spirit realm, offering insight from your guides. When we are in touch with our spiritual timeline, we can feel more acceptance and peace, fostering greater Self-Love. Tarot, runes, astrology, crystals, numerology may be invoked during this deep spiritual Self-Love session.

Soul Retrieval – 1.5 hours
Traumatic events can leave the soul feeling fragmented or incomplete, often putting up a wall or barrier to our innermost Self – the Soul. If you feel lost or incomplete without something (the right partner, job, house, baby, etc) you can benefit from this session. Soul Retrieval works to heal and mend the soul pieces such that you may feel whole once again, no longer seeking outside yourself for the answers or fulfillment. Your Practitioner will invoke various methods, which may include ceremony, guided meditation or ritual, to piece your soul back together.

Relationship Healing – 1.5 hours
Heal your relationship from within – focusing on your part, as well as past karma playing out. Gain wisdom and insight, as well as a higher perspective to transcend negative patterns. This transformative session will help heal past wounds holding you back from present-day gifts, paving the way for a profoundly intimate and the healthiest relationship possible. You will gain clarity regarding your partnership going forward. Forgiveness, mindfulness, and self-care are emphasized, as well as conscious relationship tools.

Family Constellations Healing – 1.5 hours
Relationship issues, chronic illness, and persistent life patterns can have deep roots in family and ancestral events and trauma. Go on an intimate and revealing journey to bring to light hidden dynamics to help heal themselves and the family Soul. Practitioner may use props to identify and “role-play” in this transformational process.

Cultivating a Grateful Heart – 1 hour or 1.5 hours
This session is about focusing on gratitude as the cornerstone of a healthy, happy heart and life. It includes an introduction to the mindfulness process – being still with things exactly as they are. Life is a constant arising of events – some feel “good”, others not so “good”. Explore birth and death cycles in your own life. Learn to let go of your yearning for things to be a certain way, and instead generate a true calm, peace with things exactly as they are. Accept yourself and your life – the clear pathway to true Self-Love! Work with a Practitioner who will teach you to stay in an “attitude of gratitude” – heal your past and embrace the Now!

Astrology Reading – 1 hour or 1.5 hours
Learn how the constellations affect your natural disposition and life. Gain a better understanding of how the stars may be influencing your decisions and choices, as well as challenges and opportunities. This session is about self-awareness through the wisdom of the planets. It can also shed light on relationships past, present and future. We can be more empowered when we know our Astrological foundation and horizon. Please note – will need your exact birth date, time (as close as possible), and location, as well as where you currently reside.

Awakened Partnership – 1.5 hours
Our primary intimate relationship often serves as one of our greatest teachers. Deep emotional connection, as well as openness and trust, can pave the way for us to explore our innermost selves, overcome deep-seated egoic tendencies, growing and expanding as a result. We need to feel safe and supported to do this. This spiritually-healing session appropriate for individuals and couples, offers language and tools to deepen intimacy and raise the vibration of your relationship. You will be guided to view your relationship as a spiritual learning ground for you to support one another on your Soul’s path, as well as open to the Divine flow and guidance for your relationship as a whole. Elevate your relationship to an Awakened Partnership – grow spiritually and deepen trust, intimacy & Love!

Optimum Nutrition – 1.5 hours
Explore your dietary habits, lifestyle and goals. Work with a Nutritional Expert to clarify your tailored personal nutrition plan for optimal health and wellness. Develop self-awareness and set goals for you to feel and function best – learn healthy foods for optimum nutrition, where to shop, meal-preparation, etc. This session concludes with crafting a clear plan for your health, wellness, and lifestyle going forward. Give yourself the gift of Self-Love through optimum nutrition!

Past Life Journey – 1.5 hours
Explore an interesting, profound and transformative session delving into your Soul’s journey beyond this lifetime. Regardless of your belief system, there is much evidence of past lives. No matter the truth of it, a journey to a past life experience can release you from emotional pain, help heal physical limitation and make sense of current relationships. Leave problems in the past and bring your best qualities into the present. Opening up to a vaster Soul reality beyond this current life can foster exponential spiritual growth!

Meditation: Divine Soul Connection – 1 hour or 1.5 hours
Connect more deeply with your Soul through relaxing meditation. Learn various techniques to go within. Your Practitioner will guide you during this meditative session, enabling you to gain deep peace here and now. From this still place you may gain utmost clarity, wisdom, and strength. You may also learn yogic breathing techniques to facilitate deep relaxation. The deepest Self-Love is when we feel the Divine presence within ourselves. Release stress, focus, and feel at peace within your own Soul through meditation.

Self-Love Hypnosis – 1.5 hours
Experience a transformative healing session to create new neural pathways and alleviate myriad medical and psychological ailments. Hypnosis activates nerve pathways in the brain and natural morphine-like endorphin release – a pleasant state of relaxation combined with focused concentration. Your Practitioner may offer a suggestion to be acted upon in your life. Heal unhealthy emotions or addictions, manage stress better, boost self-esteem, regain motivation and enthusiasm for life with powerful Self-Love hypnosis!

Illuminating Your Gifts – 1.5 hours
This powerful, enlightening session will help you achieve higher states of consciousness and better understand your personal gifts. Your gifts may be passed down from your lineage, including: this lifetime, your parents and ancestors, as well as your own past lives. Your highly-skilled and talented Practitioner will help activate your innate DNA wisdom via karmic lineage healing. This is the ideal session for anyone wanting to harness your personal/intuitive/spiritual abilities. Various modalities may be employed, including: numerology, akashic records, astrology, runes or tarot.

Grace through Grief – 1.5 hours
Losing a loved one can be one of life’s hardest transitions. Often with a busy lifestyle or competing responsibilities, there may not be adequate space for heartache. This session allows for deep mourning – truly being heard at a heart level, and providing tools to continue honoring yourself. Move through your grief process with grace, feeling complete with your past, and opening up to love in the present!

Virtual Session Culmination

You now realize and embrace that you are perfect just as you are! You conclude your Virtual Self-Love Retreat feeling at peace where you are now, where you have been, and looking forward to where you are headed. You have newfound confidence and deep self-acceptance – True Self-Love, as well as tools to continue your Self-Love Journey. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve as your Self-Love Guides!

Cancellation Policy

Retreats require 50% deposit upon booking, remaining 50% balance processed upon arrival. Day packages and virtual sessions are paid in full upon booking. Self-Love Lodging is paid in full upon booking and is non-refundable. $250 retreat and $100 day package expediting fees, when booking less than 10 days in advance. $250 fee for one-time cancellation/re-schedule more than 7 days before start date, remaining deposit to be used within one year. No credit issued for cancellation 7 days or less before start date. Once retreat/day package is scheduled, $100 fee per session change request (more than 24 hours advance notice required and subject to Practitioner availability). If you are unable to attend or finish a session (including add-ons) for any reason, there is no prorated refund.

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