Sedona Wellness Retreat - Meditation

7 Meditations for Optimal Wellness

Meditation is one of the primary tools for optimal health and wellness. All the following practices work best if done sitting with an erect spine. This helps align and open the seven chakras (energy centers) to advance spiritual development, elevate consciousness and achieve optimum wellness.

1Stream of Consciousness (aka mindfulness)
Focus on your thoughts without trying to change them – no judgment or criticism. Do your best not to cling to some “positive” thoughts or push away other “negative” thoughts. If helpful, you may label thoughts as they arise (one or two words). This practice fosters a neutral “witness” mind, and helps one achieve mental fortitude and self-awareness.

Choose two mantras, simple and concise – for instance “I am loved” or “My life is abundant”. Take long, deep, full-body breaths imagining the breath flowing all the way down to the toes on the inhale, then flowing back up and out the crown of your head on the exhale. Recite the first mantra to yourself as your inhale, then second as your exhale. Continue at least 5-10 minutes to experience deep relaxation, as well as internalize your mantras. You may work with different mantras depending upon your needs and circumstances.

3“So Hum”
Similar to the mantra meditation, recite the Sanskrit word “so” on the inhale and “hum” on the exhale. “So hum” translates as “I am That” – so the practice is an esoteric contemplation of our connection with the eternal and all things.

4Body Scan
Breathing naturally, notice any sensations in the body. It may help to start at the crown of the head and work your way down, focusing on each part of the body all the way down to the toes. You may narrow your focus to specific areas with high sensation – maybe pain or discomfort. Stay with each area of the body at least two to three breaths, longer if helpful. Awareness of yourself and your body expands as you begin to notice how sensations arise and pass away. This practice deepens self-awareness and helps with physical concerns such as headache or stomache.

Breathing naturally in and out the nose, focus your attention solely on the small triangular area below the nose above the upper lip. Do you best to notice any sensations within this small area. If challenged to tune into sensation there, you may take two to three deeper breaths in order to gain awareness of sensation there. Then go back to natural breaths. Bring your attention back to this small area if the mind wanders.

6Third Eye
Focus on your third eye, located between your two eyebrows. Visualize a white lotus flower there, then imagine you are breathing in and through your third eye. The white light brightens and expands, emanating from your third eye throughout your physical and energy body then beyond.

7Yantra/Eye Gazing
Gaze at an object (yantra symbol, candle flame, flower, or beautiful view) doing your best to keep the eyes open as long as possible. Close your eyes when they need a break and see how long you can maintain the object/image in your mind’s eye with eyes closed. Then open eyes and begin again.

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