Private & Personalized

Virtual Self-Love Sessions


Restore your peace and balance by participating in a Sedona Virtual Retreat session package, customized specifically for you! Call Sedona Self-Love Retreats today to book your private remote sessions or full retreat.

Virtual Self-Love Sessions2023-05-01T13:20:01-07:00

Private Yoga Retreat


Replenish body, mind & Spirit on your private Sedona Yoga Retreat with Sedona Self-Love Retreats! Enjoy relaxing massage, energy healing, and fabulous one-on-one yoga sessions.

Private Yoga Retreat2023-08-28T15:05:49-07:00

Sedona Women’s Retreat


Private customized Sedona Women's Retreat - focusing on personal healing, wellness, spirituality, and nourishing energy and body treatments. Relax and enjoy a replenishing Sedona getaway on your own or with friends.

Sedona Women’s Retreat2023-08-28T15:09:54-07:00

Sedona Wellness Retreat


Participate in a Sedona Wellness Retreat with Sedona Self-Love Retreats, and learn about healthy plant-based eating, as well experience spiritual and energy-healing modalities for optimum health and wellness.

Sedona Wellness Retreat2023-08-28T15:10:28-07:00

Solo Healing Retreat


The power of Self-Love is profound. We have created this sample private Solo Healing Retreats itinerary for review. All packages include lodging at the Self-Love Guest House, unless you request retreat-only, along with one-on-one sessions each day with a hand-picked team of truly gifted Practitioners, and may be further customized based on your issues and goals.

Solo Healing Retreat2023-08-28T15:12:53-07:00

Butterfly Symbolism

Sedona Self-Love Retreats - Sedona Spiritual Retreats

Powerful Transformation:  Symbol of great change, more internal than in your environment.

Lightness of Being:  Time to strive for more joy and ecstasy!

Your Soul:  Perfect opportunity for retreat to deepen your soul connection.

Call for Support:  Eases and lightens the life transition process, especially personal change.

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