Soul Fragmentation

Fragmentation of Soul

We are living in beautiful times with more light frequencies coming onto this planet. Especially with so many planets being retrograde this month, it gives us an opportunity to clear, transmute and integrate things that we have missed or denied.

We all have endured trauma, which causes parts of us to fragment and are living in our shadow or unconscious. The more we deny our shadow the more we are inclined to suffer in our reality.

Besides our own trauma, the media draws our attention to things that cause even further fragmentation and disconnection to our own divine spark.

We become so distant to ourselves that we do not even know who we are and lose the connection to the beauty and divinity that resides in all of us and around us.

The 3D Matrix is a mesh of energies that show us our conditioning, our feelings of unworthiness, confusion about who we are, the desires we have and what we are attached to.

The game of life is to integrate our shadow, so we become whole again.

It was shown to me over and over again that we are creating our reality. We can blame our circumstances on others, resist the flow of life and Spirit.

Only when we start loving all parts of ourselves and integrate our shadow personalities, we will be shown the gateway to heaven, the divine that resides in all of us and how powerful we actually are. The frequency we hold will always be reflected to us in your reality.

Nobody is excluded of the process of ascension. We all will be faced with everything that we need to let go of to create heaven on earth.

Everything within and around us has a divine spark. What people choose to want to experience is on them. Nothing would be in your reality if it would not be a frequency match.

For example, people in your life that abuse or disrespect you just show you that you have parts within yourself that you disrespect and do not feeling worthy of. Everything and everyone is medicine for you to grow and integrate. What you will do with it is up to you.

Releasing Victimhood is one of the biggest themes right now on this planet. We all are in many ways attached and used to suffering. Because that is what we are born into besides conditioned love.

Until we take inventory of all of it and accept that we have chosen it all consciously or unconsciously, then we can start to heal.

We can lose ourselves in mass media information until we come to a point, where the denial will need to be addressed. The dark night of the soul that is upon us, that gives us the most beautiful powers of our hero’s journey to rise.
Light Language is part of the enhancement system of the multidimensional aspects of ourselves.

It helps us get in touch with our higher divine aspects, where we carry light codes for humanity and an intrinsic knowing of the universe.

Even that divine part of us, we want to make it fit into a box. Needing to connect with a specific star system or needing to make sense of who we are, as even that is just a smaller picture of who you are.

You are the drop in the ocean as well as the ocean itself. Only if we allow this information just to sink in, without needing to comprehend it, then we have a chance to get there. When we leave our Ego behind and get the information from our hearts: but not the low heart, rather the high heart, which is connected to our multidimensional aspects of ourselves.

It is time to heal, it is time to integrate all of who you are. Not only the low parts, but also the high parts of your Divinity.

When you connect to your heart, everything will fall away, and you will become present to all there is, the beauty of life that always has been around you, but you could not see it because of your frequency.

Everyone in the media world seems to think to know what will happen in the future. Even remote viewers can only see one timeline. Most of it never comes true and the reason for that is, that every person who integrates trauma and shadow and connects to love and the divine shifts the timeline. Yes, that is how powerful we actually are!

I am inviting you to go within, now more than ever, and integrate the fragmentations and retrieve the soul parts that you have lost, so you can remember and feel your holiness.

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