New Earth Arising

When we see beauty, when we see peace, when we see magic; then this is what we create, our world becomes this at the same moment we see it.

When we see the beauty and love in others, in anyone, their true nature is enhanced and made even stronger. – Jewels Maloney

Participate in a Sedona Spiritual Retreat with Sedona Self-Love Retreats and tap into higher consciousness. Everyone and everything connected with mother earth is in an awesome process of transformation and ascension. Ascension is the increase in frequency and vibration of every electron comprising life on this planet and all of creation. In this ascension energy and process, our consciousness expands and creates more spaciousness and inner peace within. We are each opening our hearts wider and deeper, feeling and seeing and hearing from the perspective of our immortal soul or higher self. And we are enlightening. We are all destined to co-create a sacred existence on our beautiful mother earth. As we clear and heal all our old wounds and subconscious programs, we are releasing all that we are not to make more room and spaciousness within us for all that we truly are. What we truly are is love, light, color, wisdom, joy, peace, harmony, creativity and more. As we open to more of all that we are, our creativity opens along with our heart and we tap into visions, ideas, insights of how to bring a new earth into existence: a world of peace, love, community, creativity, and fulfillment – for one and all.

For many cycles of time, in all the spiritual schools on this planet, the guiding truth was that: “the teacher is within”! Each of us carries the wisdom, beauty, love and truth within our hearts and knows that we are here now to make a difference – to be here for this great turning of the ages, and to celebrate as we create a new reality that much better serves the holy beings that we are. We have moved from the 2,300 year cycle of the Piscean Age in to the beginnings of the exciting Aquarian Age. Some of the keynotes of this are global culture and global communication; being part of groups and communities, unity consciousness, and freedom on all levels. We are witnessing and experiencing lightning fast and radical change on all levels, personal and global.

In the midst of all this change, we can use some simple tools to keep us centered and grounded and cleared of what we no longer need to carry in to this new age; this new and exciting time of our lives!

Simple Tools for Healing & Happiness

“The most important decision we can ever make is whether we believe we live in a friendly Universe.” – Albert Einstein

Learn spiritually-connecting tools on your private Sedona Spiritual Retreat. It is a self-honoring activity to come to peace within at least once a day; soothing and loving ourselves, respecting and honoring ourselves, and connecting with Spirit.

Tune into Your Breath
The most basic “tool” is our breath – slow, full, deep into the belly, letting the belly expand and then exhaling fully and, letting go, letting go. Enter into the sacred temple within with your breath, your soul; and commune and connect deeply with Cosmic Consciousness. Let it happen. Let it unfold. Honor the Divine within you and within all that is, all our relations. Being outside with mother earth is the best way to breath in nature and simply be; though of course we can do this anywhere, anytime.

Meditation for Inner & World Peace
Practice this short meditation for inner peace – and thus help facilitate world peace from within. Look at the sun and feel mother earth with your feet. Feel your love and light flowing out through your feet chakras into the heart of mother earth and connect energetically from the heart with her. Bring in sparkling golden white light, or any other color that nourishes you in the moment, and let in flow, penetrate, and surround every chakra, every cell, atom, and electron of your being. Receive this light, color and sound frequency through all your energy fields – physical, etheric, emotional, and mental – for upliftment, inner peace, heart-opening, rejuvenation, youth-enhancing, health and wellness, expansion, and enlightenment. I encourage you to talk to your cells, atoms, electrons, and all the vast space in between the electrons saying, “We are regenerating, healing, rejuvenating. Thank you for spinning at the highest frequency for my highest good right now.”

Highest Good Request
Always simply ask (the Universe, God, the Divine Mother, your own I AM Presence) for the highest good to come forth for yourself, and for any person connected with you, and that it come forth now with diving grace and ease. We can heal and change gently and lovingly, in full consciousness of being loving to ourselves. Your Sedona Spiritual Retreat will help facilitate this process within yourself. Prayer, intention, meditation, and invocation works!

Letting Go
We can let go and release all the woundings, trauma, and self-judgement held in the cellular memory and subconscious, through our intention to do so. We simply get clear and then we ask; and when we ask, we receive. We are releasing the past to make way for the highest good to come forth; and to really feel and know that you deserve it, that you are worthy. We are not guilty. We do not need to be punished. We are innocent, open, vivid, loving creators full of peace, laughter, and compassion. We must allow ourselves to grow, change, heal, be happy. We need to actively choose what we want to experience – this is where our power of choice and our power of creation is. And, it is extremely liberating to unconditionally forgive ourselves and all others.

Violet Flame of Transmutation
This spiritual tool can help release, clear, and transmute any and all energies, cords, and lower frequency energies from all your energy fields – physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual energy bodies. It is a purifying and clarifying flame. So imagine a beautiful violet flame, a violet fire flowing in, through, and all around you; or see yourself stepping into it, and just ask the angels of the violet flame to assist in clearing and transmuting any old energies that are no longer for your highest good. When that feels complete, bring in golden white light of the most high places to fill every cell, atom, and electron of your being, and breathe!

Allowing Emptiness
Emptiness is the void from which all comes forth. Emptiness is the space before the next creation, the next “you”. Emptiness is rich with silence, with awareness, with…no-thing, just be. We need not fear the feelings of emptiness, the void, or stillness. They are the trough before the next wave of creative activity. There is a natural ebb and flow, in our days, in our lives. Simply being, and also doing, are a flow keeping us in balance.

Join the Sedona Self-Love Team for your powerful, transformative Sedona Spiritual Retreat – heal old patterning and be a part of this spiritual New Age! Contact us today for your personal consultation and to set up your private customized Sedona Retreat today!

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