Sedona Wellness Retreat – Healthy Vegan Food

Veganism for Health, Life, Spirituality & the Planet

1Health Benefits
• Vegan diet helps lower cholesterol, as it is virtually cholesterol-free
• Counteracts & prevents heart disease, stroke, diabetes & various forms of cancer
• Kaiser Permanente now advises all clinicians to recommend whole food plant-based diets to all patients due to overwhelming health/medical cost-savings
• Helps balance moods – reduces anxiety, depression, ADD, etc especially whole food plant-based diet without processed foods/oils
• Scientifically proven to prevent & reverse Alzheimers and dementia by 50+%
• Farm animals are heavily dosed with antibiotics. In turn, meat and dairy products are laden with harmful antibiotics – which permeate those who eat them
• Vast farm animal waste creates toxic sludge which pollutes waterways, boosting disease

2Honors Life – Promotes Peace
• Vegan lifestyle – living your values of peace and compassion means cruelty-free choices which do not harm others, even indirectly when purchasing meat or animal products
• Farm animals are often abused, neglected & harmed while rapidly raised for consumption
• Calves are taken from mothers, male chicks are ground up alive, sick animals are left to die, chickens are cooped up tightly together, most receive painful castrations, dehornings, debeaking and tail dockings, all without anesthesia, female cows are traumatically artificially inseminated etc.
• How can we expect to have a peaceful planet when such rampant abuse and killing takes place and people/government/industry support such cruel practices?

3Fosters Spiritual Wisdom
• Many spiritual traditions, including ancient yogic teachings, espouse the vegan lifestyle, including not eating any animals or animal products, to attain spiritual enlightenment
• Meat-eaters ingest negative emotional energy & terror from animal at time of death
• Karma – our actions come back to us: Could unnecessarily harming & killing others for food cause negative repercussions in your life?
• Jesus Christ was vegan & cruelty-free: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” treat others as you would like to be treated. Would you want someone to kill and eat you?

4Best for the Environment
• Farm animals eat and drink far more food than they provide – cut out the “middle animal” and save land, water and forests (as well as animal lives)
• Farm animals release methane – major contributing factor to ozone depletion and climate change
• Rain forests are massively destroyed to grow feed and pasture for farm animals for us, greatly depleting the ozone layer. We need more trees, not less, to save the planet.
• Vegan lifestyle is by far the best action you can take to sustain our planet.

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