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Sedona Vortex Energy

Sedona is a mecca for spiritual and metaphysical development, and many say there is natural vortex energy throughout the town, with four primary vortex locations. A vortex is a center where energy is heightened. There are many vortexes throughout the world, such as the pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, Niagara Falls etc – Sedona happens to be one of them. A vortex creates a whirling energy, and some familiar vortexes are dirt devils, whirlpools, and black holes. The energy is pronounced due to intersections of natural electromagnetic earth energy known as ley lines. In Sedona the vortex energy rises from the earth in a whirling pattern causing amazing phenomenon such as juniper trees growing with twisted trunk and branches.

So how does a vortex affect people?

You may feel tingling on the skin, or vibration emanating from the ground. Some feel sensation across the nape of the neck and the shoulder blades, others simply feel uplifted spirits or a heightened ability to solve life issues. Everything is amplified and accelerated at a vortex spot, making Sedona ideal for advancing one’s spiritual development and/or resolving life challenges – perfect retreat location.

Most locals believe that all of Sedona is a vortex, and the four primary vortexes are Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, and Boynton Vista. Each of these power centers has their own vibratory energy and can be useful to visit, do ceremony, sessions on the land, at these locales to enhance specific energies.

About Bell Rock Vortex

Bell Rock is said to be a balancing vortex, wherein masculine and feminine energy are balanced. This is an ideal location to spend time if you would like to achieve more balance in any aspect of your life. It is also excellent if you feel you would like to foster more equanimity or balance within a relationship – with another person or even within oneself.

About Cathedral Rock Vortex

Cathedral Rock is a predominantly feminine vortex, wherein visitors will naturally enhance the divine feminine within oneself. Since yoga and meditation are considered to be feminine arts facilitating the practitioner to “go within” and connect with one’s spiritual essence – the Atma or soul within, Cathedral is an ideal location for outdoor yoga, meditation and yoga hikes. The feminine is all about receptivity, going with the flow, surrendering to a higher will or purpose, so also perfect location if you feel a need to let go of egoic willfulness, as well as tap into your divine life purpose.

About Airport Mesa Vortex

Airport mesa is said to possess strong masculine energy, making it an ideal spot for career development, or putting forth intentions for achievement relating to one’s work or finances. The masculine also has to do with one’s identity and sense of self. So Airport is a wonderful spot for meditation and outdoor sessions to boost self-esteem or let go of feelings of low self-worth. Healthy masculine energy is also proactive and appropriately assertive, so if you struggle with standing up for yourself, or simply taking care of the business of life, Airport is your spot.

About Boynton Vista Vortex

Boynton Vista is another feminine vortex, similar to Cathedral, therefore ideal for surrendering to God or Spirit, a higher power vibration than your own ego. Boynton Vista also includes the awesome Kachina Woman red rock formation, and a womb-like cavern close by – all strong feminine energies within this powerful vortex.

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