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Self-Love Hypnosis: Powerful Science

We used to think the changes that occur with hypnosis were due to it’s ability to reach the unconscious mind and change beliefs there. The invention of brain imaging has given us more accurate and provable science about what’s happening in the brain during “hypnotic trance”.

When the body’s autonomic nervous system goes into survival mode, fight or flight, epinephrine and cortisol are dumped into the system, causing blood to pour into the large muscles so you can either fight or run.

Today we can actually see what neuro-epinephrine does in the brain when the body senses eminent danger.

The body moves blood out of the pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain that does complex thought processes, and moves it into the amygdala, the emotional center which registers fear and anger.

Your brain instinctually tells you that you do not want to stand in one place until you decide which of the hundred ways is the best way to run from an approaching tiger. It only wants you to run. You will figure it out as you go!

While we do not live in danger of tiger attacks, the body does not know the difference between real and imagined. When you go to a scary or startling movie, your conscious mind knows it is a movie. But still, your heart rate goes up, your blood pressure increases and you may even get sweaty palms. Your body believes what it sees and thinks is real.

That means, that when you have a stressful thought, or imagine an unsuccessful outcome, your body reacts as if these things are really happening in the moment. Accordingly, it takes blood out of the prefrontal cortex and you are no longer able to think logically, causing even more stress.

Hypnosis is just a structured meditation that puts your body in a relaxed, alert state. When you are awake, your brain waves, the neurons emitting electricity, pulse at 14 to 21 pulsations per second. When you are asleep it slows way down to only 4 to 7 pulsations per second. There is a full range of brain activity which is not wide awake and not sound asleep. We travel through these states twice a day.

Hypnosis helps relax the body and slow down the brainwaves from 4 to 14 pulsations per second. Now, you can imagine what you do want to happen and your body will spontaneously release stress and feel better. From here, you can explore hidden beliefs, heal childhood hurts and experience deep spiritual connection. You can change habits, relieve emotions and find deeper meaning.

In our modern era, flush with dangerous images, fake news, and scary stories of climate change, war and gloom or doom, our bodies are almost always full of adrenaline, in some stage of flight or fight.

Our ancestors had more quiet time to watch the crops grow, churn butter, chop wood, and carry water which naturally put their brains in a more relaxed state.

By using hypnosis to take the body out of fight or flight on purpose and imagine what you really want to experience, you can change your habits, mood, and emotions. The powerful responses and experiences obtained through hypnosis, have nothing to do with hocus-pocus, magic or mind control. It is simply science!

Cynthia Beck, Master Hypnotist, Reiki Master, and Medium shares her powerful wisdom with clients. Experience transformative Self-Love Hypnosis during your Sedona Self-Love Retreat!

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