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“Tov” True Self-Love

What is the meaning of “Tov”, and how does it relate to Self-Love? Recently, a friend in my spiritual community shared about this fabulous concept referenced throughout the Old Testament. “Tov” is a Hebrew word generally translated as meaning “good”, “beautiful”, and “working the way it was created to”.

Not sure about you, but I want more tov in my life! In fact, I resonate so much with this concept of tov, I want to fully embrace it in all aspects of my life: business, family, friendships, romance, at the supermarket…all the time. Some may say tov is happening always, all is tov in essence, it is merely up to us to accept the tov-ness of our lives, or resist, rebel, or try to manipulate the tov-ness of our lives. Unsure about you, but I know I can definitely judge, condemn, and generally dislike some aspects of my life, especially when things do not “go my way” (how my ego wants them to go). So next time you find yourself saying I want such and such, why is it not happening?! Or, I wish so-and-so responded the way I wanted him/her to… recall it is all tov – good, beautiful, working the way it was created to. Stop fighting with the Divine Plan. Remember – you/we are not in charge.

From a spiritual perspective, one can ask – is absolutely everything tov, including things that seem bad? Some may say there could indeed be things that are not really tov. For instance: crime, hate, hostility, greed, war, rape, abuse, etc. My sense is these are events, beliefs, actions, people misaligned with the Divine. In essence, they have arisen out of ego, as opposed to God/Spirit’s manifestation. As the Bible says when God reviewed all that had been created, God called everything tov. Perhaps everything really is tov, including things that seem “bad” or evil – perhaps all is arising for some purpose, which we have yet to understand. Uncertain myself, but something to contemplate…

This brings me to Self-Love. Since all humans are made from the Divine, we are all tov. This means we are all lovable because we are good, beautiful, working the way we were created to…including yourself! Next time you feel not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, rich enough, successful enough etc. – ask yourself: who are you to argue with the Divine? You were created, each of us has been created perfectly tov. We all deserve love, and it starts with honoring and accepting this ourselves. We are perfectly, imperfectly tov. There is not one of us that is not tov. Even those humans we do not like, do not agree with us, or with whom we disagree, maybe we even think they are evil – they too are tov (of God).

As I contemplate this principle, I think of a similar yogic concept that we are all One. This leaves no room for the “enemy”. Very difficult to practice, especially when someone wrongs you – right?! How could he/she do such a thing? They are definitely not the same as me. We are so different. I never want to speak to or see him/her ever again. When we feel wronged, or totally disagree with another, it is the human tendency to judge, shame, blame, ridicule – in essence draw a line in the sand saying I am “better” than him/her, or he/she is bad, wrong, different, perhaps even evil…not of God.

I challenge each of us, including myself, not easy – to see others as perfectly tov – created good, beautiful, working the way they were created to. I believe this is possible for all of us. So next time you have a difference with someone, meditate upon how “not different” you two are. See them as perfectly of the Divine – tov, as are you. Then, with that sense of tov and one-ness see how approaching the relationship, the conflict situation may shift. We all have our loving nature, as well as egoic tendencies, which can and do get triggered by each other. I am tov, and you are tov, so is your supposed enemy. Remember and ascend. Let’s practice and see how we can shift consciousness, evolving together.

A spiritual Self-Love Retreat will bring to light spiritual concepts such as Tov. Retreats are not religious, but highly spiritual – sharing and guiding clients with spiritual concepts and teachings from various traditions. Deepen your metaphysical and spiritual connection on your Sedona Self-Love Retreat today!

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