Vedic Astrology Update

Vedic Astrology Update

At the beginning of October, Mercury turns direct on October 2, 2022, and we slowly move forward with greater clarity and better communications. Mid-month, Venus, planet of relationships, transits its own sign of Libra on October 19, 2022, where it joins the south node Ketu, increasing our focus on spiritual love. The last week of October brings more impactful and significant astrological events, with the start of the fall eclipse season, beginning with a solar eclipse on October 25, 2022. Then on October 30, 2022, Mars, planet of action, goes retrograde on October 30, 2022 through January 12, 2023, creating some reversals and increased frustrations.

Mercury, planet of communications and our intellect, goes direct at 0 degrees Virgo on October 2, having been retrograde since September 9, 2022. As Mercury slowly begins to more forward, it brings more mental clarity and awareness, and the ability to be more objective and discerning as Mercury moves through its most favored sign of Virgo. Educational pursuits are also favored while Mercury remains in Virgo until October 26, 2022.

Venus, planet of relationships, love, and finance, begins its transit through its own sign of Libra from October 19 until November 11, 2022. Venus will join Ketu, the south node of the Moon, in Libra, which increases our sensitivity and vulnerability in relationships. On a higher level, we can experience a deeper desire for spiritual love and happiness. As Ketu rules enlightenment and the spiritual realms, and Venus rules love relationships, our interactions with others becomes the vehicle for awakening our hearts with compassion for ourselves and our world. The challenges with Venus/Ketu energies are fear of rejection or confusion in relationships. Venus also rules finances, so we should be extra careful and clear in financial dealings during this transit. Venus and Ketu will conjunct exactly at the beginning of November.

The intense and powerful events in October begin with the start of the fall eclipse season. The first eclipse of the pair, is a solar eclipse that occurs on October 25, 2022 at 3:48 AM PDT, at 7 degrees Libra in the nakshatra of Swati. The second eclipse, occurs two weeks later on November 8, 2022, and is a total lunar eclipse at 21 degrees Aries in the nakshatra of Bharani.

During the October 25 solar eclipse in Libra, the Sun is debilitated, and Venus will be combust the Sun, which gives some challenge. Eclipses can bring revelations, the potential for change, and increased awareness. With Venus involved with this solar eclipse, it gives rise to themes around self-love and our ability to open our heart with others. Relationship issues can surface in order to be healed. Anything that is not of unconditional love must be released. Other possible topics that can surface with this October 25 eclipse are women’s rights, the role of leaders, global warming, and finances.

As this solar eclipse on October 25 occurs in the nakshatra of Swati, which rules the wind and has a scattering effect, it is wise to be mentally focused and grounded especially around this eclipse period. In Vedic culture, eclipses are not considered good days for mundane activities, as the energies can be unstable. Instead, eclipses are days for spiritual expressions, and are positive for meditation, going within, and being in peaceful environments.

The last significant astrological event this month occurs on October 30, 2022 when Mars, planet of action, energy, assertiveness, and courage, goes retrograde until January 12, 2023, through the rest of this year. Mars turns retrograde at 1 degree Gemini on October 30 and eventually will transit back into the sign of Taurus on November 13, 2022, and remains in that sign for the rest of the time it is retrograde. When Mars is retrograde, we can experience possible conflicts, reversals, and misplaced energies. This transit tests our inner strength and courage, and requires we go within to find our real power and support. Mars retrograde can bring delays or restrictions, so during this period we must be more disciplined, attentive, and patient with ourselves in order to move forward and progress. Otherwise, we become less motivated to act at the appropriate time, or we can feel out of sync in our environment.

The forward-moving and action-oriented Mars now feels “held back” by being retrograde, and eventually frustrations and angry feelings can easily increase. Watch for heightened sensitivity and becoming easily provoked by others. This is not a time to lose our equilibrium or see life through the lens of fear, so stay calm and be neutral in your interactions with others. Think before you act and before making important decisions, especially if you are experiencing amplified emotions. This is a time to live your life with greater integrity and grace.

Upayes or remedial measures can be used to help mitigate and transmute some of the challenges we might experience with Mars retrograde. As activity is important to Mars, it responds well to energetic and physical disciplines such as yoga, tai chi, chi gong, and even body work and massage. Taking a conflict resolution course is another positive expression. Mars also is uplifted by being of service or working as an advocate to help those in need.

Debra Infante is a practicing Vedic Astrologer and teacher. She began her studies of Vedic astrology in 1995, and was certified by the American College of Vedic Astrology as an approved teacher (Level I) in September 1999. She has taught Vedic Astrology to the students in the yoga teacher trainings at 7 Centers Yoga in Sedona, AZ from 2002 to 2020.

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